Thursday, May 29, 2008

Saying so long...

Today is my last day at the garden center. It is time for me to move on.
I have met so many wonderful people in my years here at RCGC. Alana Miller said something to me yesterday, “this place is about the people.” And she’s right. Some of you may not realize how much time and effort goes into keeping the garden center alive. RCGC has some of the best volunteers around and I will miss each and every one of them.

I am amazed every day by how much Judy accomplishes and how many balls she juggles at one time. She has become a great friend – to a lot of people I think .

Chris jumped into life at RCGC a year and a half ago with great enthusiasm and a huge heart. She is a dear person.

Yes, RCGC’s mission is horticultural education – but it’s also full of great people.

So for now I am saying so long, but not good-bye!

Hugs - Debbie

Thursday, May 15, 2008

We Need Your Plants

RCGC needs your plants for our booth at the Proud Market Plant sale - Saturday, May 24 (Memorial Day weekend), 8 am till the plants run out. Come early, the best things sell fast. This is a fantastic sale - specialty vendors, great finds and great prices.

Bring us your perennial divisions, extra annuals, etc., during the week before Memorial Day weekend. You can leave them in the courtyard behind the building if we are not open. Try to label them with as much information as you know - name of plant, flower color, etc. Sales at our booth benefit the education program and library. For more information, see our website and the summer catalog.

Courtyard Rehabilitation Project

The installation of the second flagstone walk hit a major snag when this 6 - 8 inch thick concrete sidewalk was unearthed late last year (as the snow began to fly). Ever resourceful and energetic, RCGC volunteer Rhea took it upon herself to start breaking the sidewalk up this morning - by hand.

Love the technique.

Rhea, you're our hero.



By 3pm the sidewalk looked like this